Ukraine’s Union with Europe: Denied

Rafael Fontones


Although an older article, The Huffington Post gives a breakdown of the initial cause of conflict in the ongoing Ukraine-Russia conflict. This issue has picked up momentum recently, and is edging the United States as well as other European Union countries to take action; Many are concerned this could ignite another “cold war” scenario with Russia.

The Ukraine-Russia conflict was initialized by the Ukraine’s government rejecting a proposal to enter an economic deal with the European Union. This proposal rejection was not in favor with the citizens of the Ukraine, who are struggling with poverty and record low economic stability. Ukrainian citizens voted majority to join the EU, yet president Viktor Yanukovych dismissed the vote and accepted a 15$ billion aid package from Russia in exchange for higher Russian involvement.

Ukrainians displayed their frustration through public demonstration as they stormed Kiev in outrage. Initially the riots were stable, but violence escalated when military policing intervened, resulting in over 100 dead.

On Feb. 21st, the rioting citizens of Ukraine overtook the capital of Kiev from the opposing government forces. Protesters occupied Yanukovych’s personal mansion, sending Yanukovych to flee for The Kremlin. 

Russia responded by sending thousands of Russian military forces to the border of Ukraine in Crimea, a pro-Russian province of the Ukraine. 

The Ukraine-Russia conflict began in 2013, and is still dangerously building to present day. President Obama along with other European Nation leaders have attempted to convince President Putin to withdraw his pressure from the Ukraine. Obama has encouraged Ukraine to not fall to Russia, and to hold their own elections in order to regain political order.

Sept. 21, 2015

Trend Topic Analysis: Ukraine-Russia Conflict

Article Title: Russian-Ukrainian Conflict Explained





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