Humpty Trumpty Rhetoric


Whether you argue that the Don is indeed good for America right now or not, there is absolutely no denying his poor verbal communication skills. It was funny, maybe even endearing when he was just a business/celebrity persona with a hot head and a big ass mouth.

But with the title of President-elect the ideology behind his choice of  rhetoric, past and present, is god damn terrifying.

Lets break this down: Whether you like it or not, by running for any form of political office everything you have done in your life is going to be scrutinized and examined. Part of getting elected to office is being a role model citizen. Good politicians should have displayed diplomacy that illustrate ethics and character, Right?

Wrong. The American Electoral System has spoken, and our president will be a man who thinks its acceptable to speak his mind via twitter like this:




The horrifying part is that people actually voted for this, and the ideology behind Trump’s defective speech will become an accepted norm. I take it that Donnie boy and his supporters have this kind of mentality on blatantly negative public rhetoric: “If your going to be rude, and don’t like something, share that with everyone. At least your honest and express your thoughts. That makes you trust-able and direct, just what America needs. So the next time you see something you don’t agree with, you shouldn’t tolerate it and speak your mind, don’t be a wuss.”

What this rhetoric fails to address is that being transparently dismissive and aggressive about the topics that we consider wrong does not make you an effective leader. You can be transparent, but we must remember to address the things that conflict with our beliefs with a sense of tolerance and compassion.  When the Trumptser fires off his twitter gun of truth, his words give the precedent of intolerant bullying, not effective diplomacy.

Imagine the mentality of kids growing up with this concept of a president. What kind of ethics do we expect them to develop?  And how can we expect Trump to respond to delicate foreign affairs when we know how prone he is to recklessly lash out in a blazing nuclear missile detonating twitter rage?

My hormone fueled locker room comments have dwindled down with maturity, and officials running for any level of office should not take part in these types of exchanges.  When people accept this kind of rhetoric, whether locker room talk or not, we as a nation have a huge ethical dilemma; apparently we are OK with giving a person with poor moral standing and intolerance like this the highest office possible.

Here’s to hoping we see a shift in rhetoric from our ex-pus** grabbing, no punches pulled president elect during the upcoming weeks. It is good to speak your mind, but it ought to be done so with tolerance and moral regard. At least I thought so.

-Rafael Fontones


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