Can America Dismantle Poverty?

At first glance, America is perceived to be an overall wealthy and opportune country. Aspects such as the general well being of it’s citizens, income and job opportunity, and government aid for those that need it tend to equal the sum of the stereotypical “American ideology”. However, there is a looming humanitarian issue that is … Continue reading Can America Dismantle Poverty?


Should America Give Guns To Ukraine?

Rafael Fontones Topic: Ukraine-Russia Conflict Summary: This article addresses the issue of Ukraine’s desire to receive lethal defensive aid (military assistance) from the United States and its NATO allies. These requests were made by Ukraine due to the nation's declining economy, weak military, and constant territorial tensions with Russia. Deadly combat has already occurred between … Continue reading Should America Give Guns To Ukraine?

Ukraine’s Union with Europe: Denied

Rafael Fontones Summary: Although an older article, The Huffington Post gives a breakdown of the initial cause of conflict in the ongoing Ukraine-Russia conflict. This issue has picked up momentum recently, and is edging the United States as well as other European Union countries to take action; Many are concerned this could ignite another “cold … Continue reading Ukraine’s Union with Europe: Denied

Burning Bridges in the Name of Independence

Update: September 26, 2016 Brexit. It’s the most significant and widely discussed political occurrence currently in Britain, and possibly the world. The idea of Great Britain leaving the European Union is monumental for Brits as well as the other nations it is leaving. But apart from the breaking news stories and the dialogue from politicians, how … Continue reading Burning Bridges in the Name of Independence